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Makeup Mirror 22 LEDs 1X/2X/3X/10X Magnifying Mirrors 3 Folds

Makeup Mirror 22 LEDs 1X/2X/3X/10X Magnifying Mirrors 3 Folds

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You'll always look your very best with this 3 Fold Mirror that will frame your good looks in the best light.


Integrated 22 LED lights evenly illuminates, to provide the perfect mirroring experience in low lighting condition. Energy Efficient built-in LED lights, keep cool while conserving energy.

Two ways to power,

Cordless: 4 X AAA batteries (NOT INCLUDED) or

USB Cable: operated by Micro USB port, you can use a Power Bank, USB Wall Charger, PC Desktop or Laptop to light it if you don't have AAA batteries on hand.

Power switch on the back, flip to ON.
Small circle on the bottom center of the mirror, touch circle, ON / OFF light.


1X, 2X and 3X Magnification

3 Levels of Magnification, so you can focus on the little details. It's ideal for applying eyeliner, eye makeup, and other tasks that require precision.


It has a regular mirror on one size and the magnifying mirrors on the other, making this a very versatile tool for your beauty collection.

Adjustable stand that allows you to position it to your liking, and to use the mirror even if you’re standing up. Tri-fold design will save a lot of space of your makeup table when you close it up after use.

This will look great when placed in even the most luxurious bathrooms.

Installing the batteries:

Remove the battery cover on the back of the mirror

Insert the batteries in the direction indicated inside the battery compartment ( batteries not included)

Be sure to insert the battery correctly ( +/ -)

Replace the battery cover



  1. Folded Makeup Mirror Lamp

  2. USB cable

May arrive in  2-4 weeks due to high demand.

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