Black Peel Off Mask made of Bamboo Charcoal treats Blackheads and Unclogs Pores


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 Facial Masks help you to look your very best.

We've found an Amazing MABOX brand treatment for fresher skin free of blackheads and excess oil.

Rejuvenates your skin and Lessens the look of wrinkles and deep cleans the skin.

About the product

  • Black Mask removes Blackheads, Whiteheads, Dirt and Oil
  • Easy to Use Mud Mask: Open pores with a hot towel, apply medium thickness to treatment areas & wait till it’s dry. Peel it off slowly, wash your face with water & smear shrink pore essence/moisturizer.
  • Charcoal Peel off Mask is very absorbent to pull away and suck out blackheads, leaving your face much cleaner.
  • The blackhead mud mask: It could be applied on your t-zone, nose, forehead, chin and cheeks avoiding eyebrows.
  • Warning: Don't put it too close to your eyes, mouth, eyebrows cuts and abrasions or other facial hair.

Ingredients: Volcanic mud, Bamboo Charcoal