Pack of Three Loop Resistance Bands


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Resistance Bands can Shape and Tone your muscles like nothing else you've tried before.

  • Pack of three resistance stretching bands

  • Strengthen & tone legs, hips, gluts & more

  • Ideal for strengthening muscles, Pilates, yoga, gym exercises & Resistance Training

  • Great physical therapy tool for muscular rehabilitation & improving mobility

  • Minimizes pressure on joints when compared to weight-training exercises

  • The great travel exercise companion

  • Safe - no heavy weights to drop

  • Material Composition -100% TPR

  • Free Fast Shipping in the USA

TPR material, also known as thermoplastic rubber, is a material that has properties of both plastic and rubber.

It is lightweight and has good abrasion resistance, good tear strength, weather resistance, and electrical properties.

Long-lasting TPR performs similarly to vulcanized rubber and is reusable and recyclable.