Anti EMF Electromagnetic Radiation Protective Cap for WIFI, Mobile Phone, Computer, TV EMF Shielding by Ajiacn


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We're living in a WIFI world now.

Do you ever worry about the long term effects on us?

Well you don't have to worry about it anymore if you take this precaution.

This Simple looking Cap is actually lined with a protective mesh that stops radiation from entering your brain.

Have you held a cellphone up to your ear in a poor signal area and felt 🔥 heat 🔥 on the phone and your face?

😧 Those are microwaves!! 😧

You're microwaving your head!

It's only going to get worse with the next generation of Cellular Communications being installed. Some people are already complaining about nausea and head aches and it's barely rolled out.

Do your own research. But take precautions where you can.

That's where this Anti EMF Cap comes in.

Get yours while supplies last.

Allow 2 to 4 weeks for Shipping and Delivery Due to heavy demand. Can arrive sooner for most parts of the USA.

50% Silver Fiber Metal Fiber
Or 100% Silver Fiber

Works on the same principal of the mesh blocking micro waves from escaping microwave ovens.