Invisible Halo Hair Extensions | Effortlessly add volume, thickness and length to your hair in minutes

Ever wanted Thicker, Fuller, Longer Hair?

Ever wanted to look even better for a Special Occasion?

Just Try the amazing Invisible Halo Hair Extensions! The extensions gives you lush, full, voluminous, perfect dream hair in less than a minute!

No clips, no glue, and no damage - this temporary extension is the answer! There are many options when it comes to extensions, but BuyEpics Invisible Halo Hair Extensions feature quality in a way that our competitors do not.

We offer the affordable alternative while also making sure you get the quality extensions you deserve. Our invisible headband slips on & off quickly and easily, blending right in with your own hair.

It looks and feels just like real hair! Unlike our competitors, our halo-shaped design is double drawn meaning it's thick all the way down to the ends with no split ends.

We are the least expensive per gram and offer 40% more hair than our competitors.

We offer over 30 different hair color styles in straight hair or curly!

You'll love the way you look. You'll feel amazing when the compliments start pouring in.


The proper way to use halo hair extensions

  1. Make your hair into a bun.
  2. Place the halo extension on your head with invisible band about 2 inches back from your front hair line.
  3. Undo the hair bun
  4. Brush your own hair over the extensions for a blended look
  5. You've just added fabulous volume and length to your hair.
  6. Don't use a curling iron on the straight hair. Buy the Curly version instead.

Now go enjoy your night out and remember to accept the compliments gracefully.


Invisible Halo Hair Extensions

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