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M5 Smart Fitness and Health Tracker

M5 Smart Fitness and Health Tracker

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Music Player Wrist Speaker
Supports bluetooth call and bluetooth music

Fitness Tracker
High sensitivity touch screen, can access tracked information like, steps, calories, distance, weather, heart rate and other functions to provide information at a glance, helping you to better measure your overall health and wellbeing.

The Band is made of thermoplastic elastomer, it is more comfortable to wear, double-breasted design, lets you exercise without it falling off.

Heart Monitor
Recording your heart rate is nice for knowing your health and exercise status. Photoelectric signal detection principle records your heart rate intermittently, for 24h continuous detection of your heart rate. 

Pedometer (Step Tracker)
Automatically records the number of steps, burned calories.

Exercise Modes
You can choose the exercise program that suits your mood.

Incentive to Workout
Nothing is better than sweating when you exercise.

Sweating removes toxins.  The higher body temperature produces a good antiviral and antibacterial effect on your body.  Exercise also releases Endorphines which puts you in a better mood.

The M5 allows you to measure your progress and lets you push just a little bit further until you've increased your athleticism gradually over time.

Sleep Tracker
The bracelet automatically detects your sleep and generates a sleep report.

Water Resistance 
With IP67 waterproof performance, rain, water environments completely fearless, let you enjoy the fun of life.

When you need a reminder, the bracelet will vibrate gently, reminding you to get up or to make your next appointment.




Color: blue, black, red (optional)

Bluetooth: 4.0

Screen size: 0.96in

Battery: 3.7V, 90mAh

Theoretical standby time: 10 days

Theoretical working time: about a week

Waterproof: IP67


Package size: 140 * 80 * 50mm / 5.5 * 3.1 * 2.0in 

Package weight: 50g / 1.8ounce

Package Includes:

1* Smart bracelet

1* Charger

1* Manual

M5 Multifunctional Fitness Bracelet

M5 Multifunctional Fitness Music Speakers

M5 Multifunctional Fitness Multiple Modes

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