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Portable Handheld Quiet Nebulizer

Portable Handheld Quiet Nebulizer

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Want to help protect your lungs from Colds and Flus?

This 4 inch tall Mini Portable Nebulizer is going to become one of your most useful health care devices. 

It uses a vibrating mesh technology to generate a mist smaller than 3 microns.

This is a great way to administer aromatherapy.  The video shows a nano silver solution mist.  It's also very useful for vapour therapy for colds, flus, bronchitis and so on.

Works great with colloidal silver to reinforce your immune system.

We recommend that you do your own research into the benefits of nano silver.

Kings, Queens and Royalty throughout history have benefitted from eating with Silverware.  They had better immune systems than their subjects as a result.

It's been known by Modern Medicine for almost 0 years that Silver like Brass is a natural antiviral and antibacterial.  Only pure silver is safe to ingest in the body.

Now you can reinforce your own immune system by using vapour therapy provided by this nebulizer.  Use 10 to 20 PPM (Parts Per Million) Nano Silver Colloidal Silver solutions.

Where can you get Colloidal Silver?  Try Walmart. They recently purchased 1,000,000 bottles.  Word is starting to get around about the health benefits of Nano Silver.

Colloidal Silver from Walmart
You can also find Colloidal Silver on Amazon.
Colloidal Silver

Can also be used for providing additional moisture for your face and hair with its gentle mist.

Extremely quiet, low power and very portable.

Allow 2 to 5 weeks for delivery depending on your location.

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